Saturday, September 19, 2009

All I Ever Wanted (Desmond & Mercy)


Produced and Directed:
Desmond Elliot, Mercy Johnson, Sandra Uchemba, Chinelo Ndigwe
Eddy's three daughters were well taken care of with help of his younger sister after the death, but going on was hard without his wife, When one of his daughter decided to pair him up with a woman with the hope of helping him fall in love again the struggles becomes a who wins his heart, his children or the new woman?
My Review
This movie is a keeper, i enjoyed it from beginning to end. Great child actors in this movie including one whom i already predicted after seeing her in Prophecy 6 years ago starring opposite Genevieve Nnaji in the movie "The Prophecy". Her name is Sandra Uchemba. She has grown into a beautiful young lady and i am proud of her. Her acting was excellent in this movie and so were the other ones who played her sisters. We need more great child actors who will grow to be even better, just like Hollywood does it.

In Nollywood we all know its extremely hard to find GOOD let alone GREAT child actors. Mercy did not disappoint neither did Desmond. Chinelo Ndigwe i was surprised to see cos i thought she got married and migrated to live in London. Like her former movie costar Maureen Solomon She has put on a bit of weight but after several babies thats understandable. I hear the guy in this movie also called Uche Ndigwe is her brother,They have been featured in so many movies together in the past .
This is a movie to purchase and keep on ya shelve - a feel good type movie you can enjoy with your whole family. This movie is worth watching.
My Ratings


NollywoodForever said...

Glad to hear its a good one after watching so much junk! Was about to watch this after divided home...

Anonymous said...

Great movie. great job. Liked the filming ie shots. Great jod from the directors and definitly a gud story. I enjoyed it and its a must buy and keep. Children would love this and its a feel gud movie for the entire family. Great concept. I can go on and on and on... just go grab a copy

Nollywood Forever said...

So I watched it. I must say I wasnt loving it at all... especially part one. All that senseless whining "I want a mummy" was making me want to switch off. It got better but only just.

Anonymous said...

This is movie is a thumbs up! I finally have a movie that is family friendly. Its been a while, quality is great too. Kudos to Desmond Elliot..keep it comg brother I like what yourre doing for Nollywood! Buy the original keep it and watch over and over again!!! I love that song throught the movie does anyone know who that is?

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