Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keywords in Movie Titles That Needs Retirement

THough this post was initially posted last year (8/2th/2009) i just had a feeling to re-post it to bring it to light and bump it back up, considering the amount of BS being put out lately.
This Post was posted on Aug-2-2009
Well no one does it best when it comes to titling nollywood movies horribly - Nollywood/Ghana Movie Industry. I could list a gazillion nollywood movies which had an absolute ridiculous titles, or title not related to the movie but i wont take too much space.
For now all i want to do is name specific keywords in the movie titles that surely needs to retire - these keywords have been use, reuse and abused. Some of them are just dead give away to the storyline.
Nollywood and Ghana Movie Industry we beg, please me a little creative - for once in your life.
Key Words:
- BABES (there is one out there now - stay clear)
- MY
Dont get me started with names used for characters which are absolutely ridiculous and the two directors well known for this nonsense is Frank Arase and Abdul Mumuni (producer/director for Beyonce, Kings is Mine, Princess Tyra etc). They use names such as CIARA, BEYONCE, SOLANGE, etc. I guess they havent used Michael Jackson yet, but we are waiting :lol: - I just heard Majid and Mercy have one coming out called "Shakira" - the day i heard it i almost choked laughing, I was like "chinekkeeeeeee" what else is new.:lol:
I use to pride my favourite dude Tchidi Chikere - proud igbo director/producer known for his beautiful scripted village set movies for using local and native igbo names (i learnt a lot about the igbo culture just by watching his movies) like Emeka, Chimezie, Amaka, Kelechi etc so beautiful and this is what i wish for some ghana producer to do too. But i must say Tchidi has been slipping this 2009, cos he has been using a lot of westernise names in some of his movies - however i give him the benefit of doucbt cos i know T will come correct when u least expect. I highly anticipate several of his movies soon specifically one starring Majid, Jim and my lovely dovely beautiful schnookooms friend (Hi Pearl :lol:) Uru Eke (starred in Widows Men).
I really wish my wishes come true where by nollywood start titling our movies with titles that make more sense.

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ashley akinwale said...

really need new names that make sense tired of all this name rubbish one that is even out now called obama babes this name is NONSENSE

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