Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Jim Iyke, Yemi Blaq, Mercy Johnson, and Chika Ike and others NOT WORTH MENTIONING

Harrison Isaiah!!!!!! (stay away from his storylined movies - RUN!!!!)

Harrison Isaiah !!!!!!! (Stay away from any work of his - RUN!!!!) Sypnosis tba

Review: -
I have never been this dissapointed in a movie where you have such excellent cast such as Jim, Yemi and Mercy all in one movie (i dont care for Chika Ike's acting) and then they dilute this excellent cast with a bunch of crap actors who cant even speak english.

I respect my elders but am sorry, on this hear blog no bars hold, if my favourite Uncle Olu Jacobs is not spared from Critique of recently taking a lot of crap script -then most certainly Nora Roberts is not spared the least.

Please someone advice that woman to stay clear of any filming location. She is a horrible actress at best, cant speak or articulate her self in anything. Simple common english names she cant pronounce it well let alone acting.

And then there was this girl who played Jims sister, almost wanted to pull my hair out watching that girl act.

Jim, Mercy and Yemi musta been paid a lot of money to agree to play this crap. Chika Ike its totally understandable, she is used to these kinda scripts - movies with no head or tail or memorable enough to say "Oh Chika was excellent in this" - one of the actresses who simply coast by and get paid. In her opinion she may be trying hard, but am sorry, she still not grabbing my attention as a great actress. She is good but not great and thats my honest opinion. Adjective to describe her acting "BORING"

With Great actresses you think of them - u remember at least one memorable movie

- You think Genevieve you instantly think "Sharon Stone, Keeping Faith, Blood Sisters, need i say more.
- You think Rita you instantly think "All my Life"
- You think Mercy - you instantly think "The Maid" -
- You think Ini - you instantly think "World Apart"
- You think Chika Ike - you dont remember ish and that goes to many other "coast by actresses"-

After so many years in the industry, give us one memorable and challenging role that we can always remember you by, dont just say yes to every script.

I am beginning to think a lot of actresses in Nollywood are in it for one thing and one thing only - Face Time, Exposure and money. Forget Improving on their skills set. Sit back and watch your own movie some time and ask your self questions. Critique your self and be honest to yourself about your acting.

I am highly disappointed to say the least with Jim, Yemi and Mercy.
And Mercy as much as i love you as an actress, certain characters you overact a tad bit and it doesnt suit you well and this movie was a typical example. When Mercy plays bad girl or spoilt brat type characters - it just doesnt seem real to me. - there is no oomph or whao to it like she does in any other movie, the same critique i give to Jim Iyke for acting in a village boy role - WRONG!!!!

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