Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MY LOVING HEART - Part 1 & 2 (2009 CRAP POT ALERT!!)

Stella Damasus, Yvonne Nelson, Yul Edochie

tba -

My Review:
Stella hasnt impressed me once since the ban was lifted 3 years ago - as great an actress as she is it amazes me why she has continuosly chosen such crap scripts since the ban was lifted and she returned back on screen.

- Yvonne - she was just ok in the movie - nothing to ride home about
- As much as i love Yul Edochie and i listed him in my next best thing list, i havent been impressed with any of his performances in 2009

My Ratings:

1 comment:

Nollywood Forever said...

My sister you have done very well with all these reviews... I salute you! LOL

I couldnt even get onto the part 2 of thise, yet I have heard so many people say they enjoyed the movie. I would say 5/10 st best... but really should get lower because you would expect better with these main three... so disappointed... Maybe when I am bored I will finish.

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