Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Jackson The Media doesnt Want You to Know


Though this blog is primarily about movies and reviews, i have decided every now and then to include articles i find interesting.

Michael Jackson was so dear to my heart ever since i was a child, and I must say i was deeply affected when he passed. I loved Michael deeply not because of his fame or money, but Michael and I share something very in common, our immense and deep love for children and obviously who can deny his talent in music and the beautiful songs he made. Michael also loved classical music just like i do, and most of his favourite artist were mine too. He took his job seriously and did it 100% or none at all.

I dont think i even cried this much when my own father (whom i was very close to died). When Michael died i cried non stop for weeks but with time i got better knowing he is in a better place. He went through too much pain, and now I know he is in a better place. Like brother Randy said, "Now maybe they can leave Michael alone"

Anyway i want to share this youtube clip with those of you who care. I think everyone should listen to it, especially parents, I am not a parent yet - but this speech from Michael in 2001 he gave at Oxford University - About "Healing the Children" and forgiving parents, was so touching. I think parents across the globe should hear this , but ofcourse the media will never talk about this nor many of Michaels good deeds such as his 100 plus charities he had and what a great father he was to his kids.

Though the media bash Joe Jackson, i never judge him at all, because no matter what others say, he made "jackson 5" and though he may not be emotional, you have to understand his upbringing in the 1920s in the deep south, did not give him that. As the media bash him, i always think in my mind, regardless - he is still a father and still mourning in his own way. He may not show emotion (like many of our African fathers never did) but regardless he loved his son. I loved my late dad dearly, but though he may have never hugged me or said i love you, he showed his love in so many ways, and listening to this speech by Michael i will not repeat the cycle, I will be a better parent and show much more love.

I love kids with all my heart, i love them deeply. ALL CHILDREN.

Since Michaels 1983 album "Thriller" became the number one selling album in the WORLD and he purchased the Beatles publishing catalogue, "THEY" made it their ultimate goal to bring this black man down, by ridiculing him, call him gay, pedophile, freak, wierd everything they could possible to break him, He held on strong for many years, but i think he died a long time ago probably after the 2003 accusation and turmoil and twisted interview with Martin Bashir, his heart only stop beating many years later on the fateful 'Morning" of June 25 2009.

Okay - here goes, watch this and please share with all your friends.

Michael Jackson - Oxford Speech 2001

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


My Personal Thank You to Michael

Michael i just simply want to say "THANK YOU" for sacrificing your life and happiness to make beautiful music to make us happy for decades. We love you ALWAYS and miss you Immensely. You have done your duty,fulfilled your purpose on this earth and God has called you HOME now. Until we meet again on the other side, Rest in Peace Michael. We lost and heaven gained. MY OWN DICTIONARY MEANING OF MICHAEL JACKSON: "Gods chosen human INSTRUMENT to bring happiness to the world through his music"



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