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(AFROs & BOWTIEs is my own personal nickname i gave to this movie :lol:)

Majid, Tontoh, Geraldine Ekeocha and the REST (dont remember the others names cos they are not that memorable

Ikechukwu Onyeka (his name is in red for a reason, he has disappointed me in many movies - he was not able to challenge Genny and Majid enough in my opinion, seems like they directed themselves - and they were great cos they are good at what they do regardless of lackluster directors or producers)

Chimezie Emelionwu and Kingsley Okereke
Chisom Okereke

Emerald (Genevieve Nnaji) is bland and vapid but very diligent at her work and she is admired by those close to her.

When her cousin Becky (Tontoh Dikeh) came back from Europe to start an antique business, she was glad to help, together the visited an antiquated to make collections of antique products where she found an emerald ring she loved. Much to Emerald's surprise, it was sold to her for a pittance. But little did she know..

My Reviews:
Oh lawd where do i start.? Do i start with the good part or bad part. Well first and foremost let me just say we found our new dynamite on screen actor actress duo - CAN SOMEONE SAY GENEVIEVE NNAJI AND MAJID MICHEL- Onscreen Chemistry was Fire. Gosh, love these two together.

I cant say I am surprised cos i predicted it a long time ago. Everyone knows Genny is ma girl and i love her acting always and so when first discovered Majid in Crime to Christ - i was like - there - Gbam, i look forward for them to be cast together.

Now i love me some Muna Obiekwe and yall know Genny doesnt slop on anyone better on screen like she do Muna - great on screen tonsil tennis mates, but am afraid Muna you gon have to pull ya straps and do someting bout this boy here Majid (:lol), newbie bout to take ya place for sure when it comes to chemistry with Genny!!

Ok am done with the runnin on bout Genny and Majid, Now lets get to business.

Okay - i have very mixed feelings bout this movie. I cant say i am feeling this story line - UNLESS there is a continuation to this story - then i say this is a crap script. But then again if there is a continuation then i say there was no need to stretch the story to that many parts. The story line has a great potential to have been very great - but it was scattered all over the place and left you with so many questions. There were certain characters which was so unnecessary.

- What was the reason for the 1970s flash back
- Who was that lady in the antique shop
- What is the relevance of the Emerald Ring
- What happened to Majid's characters wife in the Wheel Chair and how did she end up in a wheel chair in the first place.

- in the last scene when Majid and Genny were kissing - whose house was that and if it was Majids where was his wife in the wheelchair.
- etc etc

There is a lot of "Pull, Grab, Kiss" going on in this movie - it was almost like expected. I guess thats the new Nollywood thing (:lol:) - makes ya heart skip a beat, like ohhhhh. Ok then. I likes.

My final conclusion of this movie is that, the problem with Nollywood is, you have a few actresses and actors who experience have developed over the years (Genevieve, Rita, Majid, Desmond etc) yet you dont have Producers/Directors who are developing at the same pace to challenge them well enough to make them shine, so when that happens like it did in this movie, you have such excellent chemistry btwn two great actors (Genny and Majid) but the content of the script lacked quality and substance.

- but like i said the jury is still out on this movie - for now i am just assuming there is a continuation and if there is then i say - that was so unnecessary, learn from great scripts such as Ego Boyo's "Keeping Faith" and also Jet Amata "Letters to a Stranger". Simple nice short one part movie with all quality and substance.

No need to break movie into 10 parts to make money, cos if it sucks WE shall put the word out there and stomp our feet and tell everybody we know.

- Tontoh Dikeh - a tad bit over acting - not overly blown away.
- Halima Abubakar - dont have much to say bout her (rolleyes)
- Geraldine Ekeocha - always like Geraldine, she is like my second Patience Ozorkwor - but she was underutilised in this movie.

My Ratings:
(it was hard for me to give it this rating cos i had such high hopes it will be no less than 9/10 with Genny and Majid in it, but for now like i said - i think its unfinished story line so lets just wait and see if the come out with some type of continuation)

Crap Pot
The Lolo and The Princess Noami - ( i cant stand actresses or actors who cant articulate or express themselves when acting. Why do they employ these ppl to waste our time in movies. Is it by force to act in English movies)

PS: Even though i reviewed this movie on July 17 2009, today is August 4th 2009 and after careful consideration i have decided i cant take away Muna Obiekwe CROWN for onscreen kiss with Genevieve.


Yes Majid and Genny have excellent onscreen chemistry (no one can deny that - and i sure love me some Majid too) and their kissing scene at the end of the movie was excellent and very believable, BUT, I have carefully compared this kissing scene to several of Muna's and (i am not being biased cos i like Muna cos honestly i dont like him anymore than i love my Ghanaian bredren Majid) i have to say, his crown still remains.


Muna Obiekwe has and will always have the best kissing on screen than anybody else - Not Majid, not RMD, not Ramsey Nouah. Maybe am wrong - but i know am not. I have a keen and great eye when i watch my Genny movies - so unless am blind, for now i'd say am not wrong. I had to go back and watch "He Lives in Me", "Warriors Heart" and "Blood for Tears" "Faithful Betrayal" to come to this conclusion. Muna you got ya crown back dude. Its all yours - (for now)



Nollywood Forever said...

WHAAAAAAT? When is the rest coming? I havent seen this one out... Everything is soo late out here.

Anonymous said...

The points you made on the areas in the film that were left unexplained are........on point!!!

I just didn't get the flash back to the 80's thing, the significance of the ring etc. Was it a case of Dajavu?

Anonymous said...

any who has seen this movie will give halima 7 dont hate ok...aside majid and genny,i love her acting more

Tell It Like It is said...

Anonymous to each his own - we can agree to disagree - I dont have to like what you like nor vice versa.

I care for and only rave about the "GREATS", I dont settle for "OK" or "GOOD"-call it hate or whatever- i just tell it like it is - i coulda said worse, rate her or gone hard on her like i do, but i didnt cos she is in my "ok" bucket. Name 1 most memorable performance she has ever given in a movie that majority movie watchers remember. Halima Who?

"If" she is able to do one memorable movie with one memorable performance that sticks in the minds of the heads of the MAJORITY audience - she dont need to blow her own horn, we shall blow it for her (on this board we do that for free) - right now she hasnt earned that .......yet. Nice try though.:lol:

7? :lol: ok ohhh.

Once again we can agree to disagree. "wink - wink".

No Bars hold on here.

Anonymous said...

I really really really REALLY wish I'd discovered your blog BEFORE watching Emerald! But, because I discovered it due to that craptastic movie, I cant be too mad. All of your points on the movie was right. I stayed up late watching the movie, only to find... it Does NOT have an ending?!?!?! Im just starting to get into African movies, but I'll be sure to check your reviews before EVER spending my $$ on them.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd found your blog before wasting hours of my night watching Emerald! But since I found your blog because I was trying to find out if the movie had more parts, I cant be too angry. What I do know is, I'll be checking out your reviews before I plop down any more $$ or time for another african movie! Keep up the reviews!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd found your blog before wasting hours of my night watching Emerald! But since I found your blog because I was trying to find out if the movie had more parts, I cant be too angry. What I do know is, I'll be checking out your reviews before I plop down any more $$ or time for another african movie! Keep up the reviews!

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