Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UPDATE: Get Ready for Great Releases Summer 2009

My sincere apologies for not updating this blog in such a long time. Thats because a lot of the movies since 2009 begun has not been up to par - and i just didnt feel like reviewing any of them since i dont recommend any of them.

However brace yourself cos there are a few movies which are about to be released and i really look forward to reviewing them.

There are at least 3 movies starring Genevieve Nnaji (and yall know i dont sleep on that)

There are some other ones produced by Emem Isong (starring Genny, Nse and Majid) and some others by Tchidi Chikere (dont worry i spoke with him and the red dot will be gone - he upgraded his equipment thus better sound quality, picture quality and no red dot - but rest assured you have to endure his background singing - thats the new thing - and he will definately co star in it :lol: - if you dont like it leave it joh :lol)

Tchidi just wrapped up a new movie starring Majid Michel and Uru Eke - If you dont remember whom Uru is, she is talented beautiful actress who starred opposite Jim Iyke in "Widows Men" (which was also produced by Tchidi).

I am putting a lot of pressure on some producer friends to pair Uru with Yul Edochie, i dont know why but i just feeel they will have a great chemistry on screen, besides i am kinda yearning for new faces. Enough already with the Jim Iyke, Desmond Elliot and Van Vicker.

I need fresh faces and personally i think for up and coming ACTORS, Yul Edochie and Majid are the Next Best thing and we need to see them on screen - Eloquent, Articulate, know how to bring the character to life and on top of that a lil cuteness helps too - this 3-4 in one package is kinda rare cos lawd knows its only Jim, Desmond and Van thats been holding it up - they need to pass the baton to Yul and Majid.

This year i am also paying very close attention to USELESS producers and directors and will call them out and put them on blast if they dont improve on their work, We cant put all the pressure on the actors. Many of the actors have grown and improved yet we have all these yeye directors who cant challenge them enough and making them look bad. You wait, i got my eye on them.

Emem Isong, Lancelot Imaseun, Tchidi Chikere, and just a few others cannot be the only ones holding us up and giving us great entertainment, the other ones need to improve too and stop thinking of quantity instead of quanlity (whilst we on the subject lets congratulate our new producer/actor Desmond Elliot - look out for his new flicks starring RMD - yep i said RMD, and whilst we are on the subject again, I got confirmation that Behind Closed Doors is already in the making and will be released before the end of the year - HALLELUJAH - thank u Emem - no more pressure!)

This summer is surely jammed pack. I cant reveal all the movies coming out but in due time you will hear of them.

Since i have been so lazy updating this blog, i suggest you go to my sister girl Nolly

She gives very great reviews and she updates a bit more often than i do.

ps: BTW an actress (friend) and I have been communicating and she wants me to manage her - she believes in me and appreciate my constructive criticism and honesty - she said "as much a movie addict and huge critic that u are no one can be honest with me and do it better than u". Even though i dont know what exactly a manager does, she believes in me to do a good job, so right now I am doing my homework, cos as u know i am a perfectionist, either i do it right or i dont do it at all. In due time u will know who am talking about. She has been featured in a few movies including one popular one watched all around the world. Lets just say she is 1) beautiful, 2) articulate, 3) eloquent and knows how to 4) bring the character to life, - the ultimate 4-in-1 - we the audience yearn for in nollywood.

HERE ARE A FEW TEASERS - starring Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson, Desmond Elliot and drum roll pleaaaaaaasseeeeeee RMD - yes! RMD i said. This is a Desmond Elliot production.


GUILTY PLEASURES - starring Nse Etim, Mercy Johnson, Omoni ?, Majid Michel, Ramsey Nouah - produced by Emem Isong

xoxo - double kisses to you all

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to these new ones... Lately I have been falling for the latest scame of buying old repackaged as new movies...

BTW is this ATLKos?

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