Sunday, May 24, 2009

The King is Mine (Ghanaian Movie)

Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah,
Frank Rajah
(always predictable as expected thats why his name is always in red alert.)
The Kingdom of Doduala seeks an heir to the throne in the event of the King's demise. Queen Serwaa has suffered the fate of repeated stillbirths in an effort to present the Kingdom with a male heir. A cry that was ever wanning.

The search for another bright petal begins, a new bride to grace Doduala Kingdom with a glimmer of home , and this presents Elder Agyemang and his sister Esther intoxicated by ambition and greed with the perfect disposition in the light of her two beautiful daughters, Louisa and Rose. Which amongst them will catch the King's eye. Damage irreparable, poise intertwined with strong defiance at play.

This story is the same story line as 2008 release Hollywood Movie "THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL" - Was it a copycat, u judge for your selve. Frank and Mumuni at their Creative Best as usual.

- ETC. (dont recollect their names including the Kings')

My Review:
What else is new but Frank Arase and His side kick Mumuni and their "Coming To America" Throwing Petals of floor, Masqueradish dressing and Royal theme nonsense. Always at their creative best as usual. Why people are fascinated by their movies just beats me.

This time they stayed clear away from that one hotel in Madina they always use to shoot movies (as if that is the only place in ghana nice enough to showcase - This time i think most of of this movie was shot in the expensive gated community of Transaco Valley Estate in East Legon Accra

I mean how do you do a movie and copy the same theme as another Hollywood movie. Okay thats even besides the point - this is not the first time they have stolen anothers script - but tell me this, how do you do a movie (and lawd knows what age it was set it) - and you have Iphones and Digital Cameras but yet there was no DNA test to the baby the king denied - so what century was this movie set anyway.

At least in the Other Boleyn Girl we all know it was set in the 16th century aristocratic time, but as for this movie "The King is Mine" i dont even know.

Nothing pissed me off more than when Jackie (Esther) was being sent out of the Palace, because the King thinks the baby she just bore is not really his, all they held was some cloths all bunched up as though they are trying to deceive the audience that was a real baby. I was like WTF, these two producers must really take us for some kinda fools. How much would it have cost these two idiotic director producer or whatever they call themselves to use a real baby instead of some bunched up cloths to tell us thats a baby. I DONT RESPECT any of Frank Arase and Mumunis work cos they just blatantly tell us the audience they dont care about nothing else but the money they make from the movie proceeds - No depth no creativity no nothing. I cant wait till they get more competitors in Ghana and thank God for people like Shirley who is doing a good enough job, but we need more people. I will never take these two clowns, seriously. They are ridiculous.

I will be here the whole day talking bout the costume, the fake hair, jackies fake eyes, fake fake fake - but i wont waste my time, If you know jackie - you know what she wears in movies so just brace your selve plus hazel eyes and synthetic wigs on top of that.

Philippa Gregory needs to be paid some royalties for a stolen script.

Maybe your foreigner friends who like watching african movies and who are still stuck on the "Coming to America" Royal type nonsense may enjoy this movie and overlook to abundant flaws. As for me this movie will not be on my shelf taking space.

My Ratings:

I got my eye on these two main characters in the movie the king is mine
The guy who played the King
The lady who played his Wife - Lucky Lawson

I think they are"good" actors with great potential/

NOW ........

Frank Arase and Mumuni dont represent my country Ghana's best. They are just the only ones with money to produce movies how they want it to make the most money regardless of critics. I pray that more Ghanaian NAFTI (number 1 film training school) well trained alums who have all migrated abroad will return home and help the industry with the financial support of investors and banks and other organisation to help boost our movie industry.

Shirley Frimpong Manso who wrote/produce/ directed "Scorned", "Life and Living it" and as well as upcoming "The Perfect Picture" is doing a good job so far but we need more people like her, many of us are tired of Frank Arase and Mumuni and their one way theme movies.

If you want a nice Ghanaian produced/directed movie with great cast buy "Life and Living it". Our very own Shirley Frimpong Manso is giving the Frank/Mumuni Duo a run for their money. Shirley is making me so proud to be a ghanaian with the type of quality she produces.

I was impressed with Life and Living it and look forward to a Perfect Picture. I only hope she doesnt start copying other peoples scripts too like the Frank and Mumuni do. Though she just started I have a lot of hope in her to make us Ghanaians proud.


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend... we need an update!

Bibi said...

I totally agree with you is a complete copy of 'the other boleyn girl' plus i think it was just to over dramatized they key thing missing for me was that the boleyn girl was set in the middle ages so it made sense as regards some of the customs and all but this is movie is a modern copy cat i find it kind of shocking if this is how things really work in ghanian kingdoms of 2009 i wound'nt know because i am nigerian. But my point is they should put some originality which i think it lacked they should have mixed it up a bit with some honesty as to how things are run in ghana this leads me to my question do the royalty in ghana really have this much power today they almost seemed like they were goverment officials.i didn't that in this day nd age they could decree who lives nd who dies foe example.

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