Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream Maker/ The Shepherd (Starring: Majid,Jim,Mercy & Tontoh))

(I think this is a continuation to the "Shepherd" which i havent watched and wont even bother seeing. Nsemfukwa!)

coming soon

- Majid Michel - as David (my one and only Ghanaian best-undersold himself playing costar and worst of all such useless script - Majid you got too much potential and dont have to say YES to every script. I was a lil disappointed for this choice)

- Jim Iyke - As Raymond
- Mercy Johnson - As Jessica
- Tontoh Dikeh - As Gina
- Biola Ige - As Anita
(pretty lady just joined the cast of HORRIBLE actresses to ever surfaced Nollywood. - Poorthang!!!, with all that prettiness and pretty she is, not eloquent or articulate enough - and a horrible actress at best. BORING!!!! Keep ya day job and do us a favour and stay away from any filming location - Acting too na by force - ah ah - Queen Nkwokoye & Rukky Sanda abeg come get ya sister Joh!!!)

- Sylvester Madu (story)

- Nonso Okonkwo (Director)
(well lets just say i wont be watching any of your work in future. You obviously dont care for what you do - I will remember your names and look out to avoid your work)

coming soon - this weekend
Annoying background music may want you to yank ya hair out

SSNC: Say Something Nice Challenge

It will be very unfair of me if i dont recognise Tontoh Dikehs great performance (7/10) - she was quite convincing in some parts. I said it before, she is definitely a newbie in the industry who is a force to be reckoned with.

As for Mercy, like Majid, i am disappointed in the script she agreed to do. Yes, an actress should be diverse in her roles, but abeg, this script was totally wrong and it was just so evident the directors were not doing their job, cos you and Jim directed yourselves in most scenes, they just sat back and scream "ACSHON!!). Please Mercy, You are one of my top 3 best actresses, dont disappoint me again.

Its bad enough i hate fake accents (Jim at his best) - but then worse of all brace yourself for some words of "Fcuk", "Shit", "Bitch", "Ho", "Nigga" , Porntalk & lots of drug use (not PG for sure)- I mean are you kidding me, so now african movie has gotten to this. Its a sad day i tell ya. Its just laughable at best when our african actors try to emulate the west.

Why cant we stay true to our own. Lets start by taking the "wood" out of Nollywood. Holla!!!!

Buy it at ya own risk. We are in a recession spend ya money wisely abeg. Dont say i didnt warn you.


In Conclusion Like I Always Say:


Nollywood Forever said...

Horrible horrible horrible! I think our assessment of this nonsense was similar... I didn't see the dreamalker I saw the shepard... They even had the nerve to do continuation!!! Can you imagine?

Emeka Amakeze said...

First time here but congratulation on doing one of the things we need most in the African movie industry, especially in the Nigeria movie industry.

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