Monday, January 26, 2009

Distance Between - (Starring: Rita,Mercy,Yemi & Kalu)

The secret behind Preye's indiscriminate sexual urge is unknown. Any man that says hello to her is good enough to take her to bed. Her best friend on the other is a direct opposite of her...They have just found love...For real? or same old game
- Yemi Blaq - as Akin (gosh this dude is growin on me - since Letters to a Stranger)
- Rita Dominic -
as Priye
- Mercy Johnson - as Mosun
- Kalu Ikeagwu - as Ike ?

-Remi Ibinola - Writer ,
-Remi Ibonola - Producer
One Word - LOVED IT - ohh I loved, definately a keeper on my library shelve
1. ) Abeg Yemi that scene with you "swinging" the blood stained tampon like a pendulum, was so not necessary. That was a disgusting scene - the producer should have left that out, I was like "what in helllll naawwwww" - was that necessary?. I mean there are no more surprises in nollywood movies anymore. What else is knew huh??
2. ) Some dude whom Mercy was trying to get freaky with (i think his name was Dolapo) but the penetration was unsuccessful, so dude bailed out and had the nerve to ask Mercy "Do you own a Dildo" - i fell down laughing
Most Memorable Phrase
Mercy (Mosun) to Yemi (Akin): "I have Vaginismus" ( i swear i did not know this word existed). Yemi then picks up a dictionary (or was it some electronic wikipedia - i cant tell) and looks up the definition and states "Vaginismus is a condition which affects a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual penetration". At that moment i knew instantly that the title of this movie shoulda been "VAGINISMUS" - Nollywood movies, hate it or love it, there is nothing like it - Chei!!!.
Though this movie is called Distance Between i personally choose to refer to it as "Vaginismus" - the name has a ring to it , doesnt it?? - And lets just be happy that at least Akin penetrated, cos Dolapo couldnt. :lol - Holla!!!!!!!!
8.5/10 - worth buying - collectors item!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh you are so hilarious, i like this blog and will make it one of my favourites. You had me laughin so hard.

Thanks for the review, i will look out for it

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