Monday, November 3, 2008

Yankee Boys (Release Date: October 2008)

A kind hearted gold dealer (Emeka Ike) gets swindled by his closest friend (Jim Iyke)...Now the die is cast as he wants his money back. How far can kindness stay in the face if reveng.

Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah and Emeka Ike, Tontoh Dikeh, Juliet Ibrahim, Gentle Jack

It was a pure waste of my time - i cant even go into it. Bottom line - i did not like it, and glad i didnt buy it.

  • Emeka Ike and Juliet Ibrahim were getting on my nerves with their acting.
  • Juliet Ibrahim either you are going to act and act well and stop making all those bitchy faces and that thing she does with her lips and nose - its not cute on ya, lady!.
  • Emeka Ike, well what kind i say, same ole same ole.
  • The Mr White Guy was another utter bore - why he kept speaking in the Godfather type tone was utterly annoying. I was like shut up already - it doesnt suit you.
  • If you going to have a pool party at least have a couple of people swimming in the pool to make it believable
  • We all know the cars and homes (spectacular Lekki homes might i add) were borrrowed, but thats doesnt mean you should be driving on the highway at 7 miles per hour. Not believable.
  • How they police always turned up immediately after a tragedy was magic to me. I'm like ok then, so how did they get there so fast.


= 2/10
(its ya own judgement call: Buy, Borrow or Dont Bother) - Nollywood and Action movie just dont mix yet. But at least they are trying. Try Again Though!.

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