Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oct/Nov 2008 Movie Releases

I just learnt today that two of my favourite actors - Mercy Johnson (movies eg: too many to list) and Yemi Blaq ( movies: Letters to a Stranger) are in a movie together, And not just any movie - a village set movie, just the way i like it.

Though not produced by my favourite Producer for village set movies (Tchidi Chikere) i am still looking forward to it - its Mercy for Gods sakes - she has never failed me yet. She has to be one of the most underrated actresses ever. She is and EXCELLENT actress. As for Yemi i fell for him right after watching Letters to A Stranger.

The title of the movie is Hidden Tears" Part 1 -3

(Starring: Yemi Blaq and Mercy Johnson)

After the death of the first suitor Chidimma's parents arranged for her, They again found another and she seemed not to have a mind of her own, But she was in love with Obinna, But Obinna's parents were against their relationship because Adaora his chilhood friend had been bethrothed to him, And now both families are at war with each other. and Chidimma is caught in the drama web.

I will be back with my review once am done watching (hope my dealer gets it to me on time)

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CathM said...

Loved reading your blog! Lots of laughs! Very you, and very entertaining! Keep it up! Cheers... Cathy xxx

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