Monday, November 3, 2008

My Introduction: "My Love for My African Movies"

As a westafrican, i had always known there were african movies out there, but showed not interest since the few i had watched didnt really do it for me. It was either about witchcraft or some other boring theme. The ridiculous titles to the movies was a complete turn off, as well as the bad lighting and sound effect.

In the summer of 2003 i went to braid my hair at a lady's house and just before we started she asked me if i minded her putting in a movie whilst she braided. I said no, and so she put in a movie titled "Sharon Stone", i was like oh lawd here we go again with another ridiculous titled movie.

30 minutes into the movie, i notice the excellent performance of the lead actress - Genevieve Nnaji. Her performance in the movie sparked my interest so much, i was not paying attention to my braiding - the lady always had to remind to turn my head around so she can have flexibility to complete my braiding.

After that day i became a bonifed Nollywood Movie Addict and havent missed a beat since. I became so addicted i started watching at least 10 movies in a week, focusing more on movies starring this Genevieve Nnaji and later found new other favourites.

Her acting to me was so spectacular, she really pulled you one into her character so much you forget you are watching a movie. She takes you through so many stages of emotions in whatever character she plays. If she is sad you could feel her sadness, if she was happy you could feel her happiness and other times she will play a "bitch" role that makes you scream at her (just as she did with her role in Blood Sisters).

Not only did i become a huge fan of nollywood movies, i also became a huge critic, because i watched with such a keen eye. This blog is simply to review movies i have watched (old and new) - which may include some praises and some critiques.

My critiquing of nollywood movies as an african is not to downplay all their efforts but simply to be honest as movie watcher, of what i see, and what i'd like to see improved. Sometimes my critiques can be harsh, but its nothing personal against whomever i am criticising. I am so proud of how far we have come and where we are going.

What i would like everyone to bear in mind is though i may critique some of the movies from my point of view, like the saying goes, "its to each his own" - my motto is "No Bias!, No Bull! - I just simply tell it like it is - take it or leave it. I will also;
  • Rate these movies from my point of viw over 10 marks. If the movie has a rating of 8/10 thats a sure keeper. If it is below 5/10 - please dont BUY- just borrow it or dont even bother. I am going to help save a lot of people wasting money on buying crap movies. Dont always trust the african store owner who is telling you the movie is great, they just trying to sell.
  • I will list any upcoming movies which with the cast , producer and cast. It will be your judgement call to go purchase it, before hand or simply wait till i review it before you do so.
You dont have to agree with me on all my comments, this is just my opinion. You are welcome to comment "OBJECTIVELY" in response, but please lets respect each other and not be rude. Thank You.

I look forward to blogging.!!


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