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Oct/Nov 2008 Movie Releases

I just learnt today that two of my favourite actors - Mercy Johnson (movies eg: too many to list) and Yemi Blaq ( movies: Letters to a Stranger) are in a movie together, And not just any movie - a village set movie, just the way i like it.

Though not produced by my favourite Producer for village set movies (Tchidi Chikere) i am still looking forward to it - its Mercy for Gods sakes - she has never failed me yet. She has to be one of the most underrated actresses ever. She is and EXCELLENT actress. As for Yemi i fell for him right after watching Letters to A Stranger.

The title of the movie is Hidden Tears" Part 1 -3

(Starring: Yemi Blaq and Mercy Johnson)

After the death of the first suitor Chidimma's parents arranged for her, They again found another and she seemed not to have a mind of her own, But she was in love with Obinna, But Obinna's parents were against their relationship because Adaora his chilhood friend had been bethrothed to him, And now both families are at war with each other. and Chidimma is caught in the drama web.

I will be back with my review once am done watching (hope my dealer gets it to me on time)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Deception Alert: Continuation Movies with Different Titles

This Is To Alert All You Movie Watchers That There Has Been Movies Seculating On The Market Which Is Simply A Continuation To A Previous Movie, Yet They Title It Different To Confuse People. This is a 2007 list, but rest assured, they wont quit, they will continue and i am sure many 2008 titles will be like that too.

Power of the Gods Part 1 & 2
Will of the Gods - the continuation

Enjoyment In Hell Part 1 & 2
Devils Offer - the continuation

Blood Of Tears Part 1 & 2
Behind The Truth - the continuation

Trumpet Of Death Part 1 & 2
Village Destroyers - the continuation

Return Of An Angel Part 1 & 2
I Am Not An Angel - the continuation

Thorn and Crown PART 1 & 2
Trinity - the continuation

Total War PART 1 & 2
Final War -the continuation

Rush Hour - PART 1 & 2
Final Hour - the continuation

Royal Destiny - PART 1 & 2
Burning Kingdom - the continuation

Dancing Hall - PART 1 & 2
Love and Edge - the continuation

The Earth Part 1 & 2
Unbreakable Love - the continuation

The Faculty - starring Ramsey, Oge
The Last Faculty - the continuation

She is the One 1& 2
The Prince and Me - the continuation

Woman of Hour Part 1 & 2
Set Apart (ALERT: SAAAME DAMN MOVIE the only new thang in it is Ms SDA)

Princess Tyra 1 & 2-
Princess Tyra 1 & 2 (RED ALERT: SAAME DAMN MOVIE the only new thang in it is Oge)

16) -
Desperate Desire (with Van Vicker on Box)
(Van Vicker fans dont let that faze you, dude is in for like 10 mins, all marketing plots to simply "SELL" (none the less the movie is "ok" 6/10)

Strong Desire - starring Ini Edo and Desmond Elliot
Unholy Desire - the continuation

Family Separation - Part 1 and 2 (starring Monaslisa, KOK)
Forgive Me - the continuation

MY Baby - Part 1 and 2 - (starring Patience Ozokwor and Nkem Owoh)
My Only Hope - the continuation

Money in the bank Part 1 & 2 - (starring Patience, Rita, Francis etc)
Titled my future - Part 3 & 4

Seven Graves - Part 1 and 2
Python King - Part 3 & 4

Daughters of ages - Part 1 and 2 (starring Micheal, Patience, Franca etc)
Wicked Time - Part 3 & 4

Most Wanted Bachelor - Part 1 & 2 (starring Mike, Uche J, Ini E, and Monalisa)
Blessed Among Women - continuation

African Soldier-Part 1 & 2 - (Tchidi Chikere Production starring Ebube,Uru Eke, Kenneth etc)
Return of Ogidi - continuation

Heart of a Slave Part 1 & 2
Evil Queen - continuation

The prince of my heart -Part 1 and 2 - (starring omotola, emeka, chika and others)
Titanic Battle - the continuation

Goddness of the Sun Part 1 & 2 - (starring Patience, Monslisa, Nonso)
Naked Kingdom - the continuation

Area Mama - Part 1 and 2
Desperate mama - the continuation

Desperate Sister - Part 1 & 2 (starring Omotola, tony)
Sister's Heart - the continuation

(i'll sort the formatting out later)

The "IT" List and Those to Look out For

I just want to list whom my favourite african actors, actress and producers are; All in orange are Ghanaian Actors and Actresses and all in brown are Nigerian Actors/tresses.

My Top Actresses (Nigeria and Ghana)

  • Genevieve Nnaji (though this list is in no particular order Genny is my #1)
  • Joke Silva
  • Rita Dominic
  • Patience Ozorkor
  • Chinny Ahaneku
  • Geraldine ?
  • Ngozi Ezeonu
  • Liz Benson
  • Kate Henshaw
  • Bimbo Akintola
  • Rama Brew
  • Uche Owusotole
  • Stella Damasus Aboderin
  • Omotola Ekeinde (aka OmoT)
  • Mercy Johnson
  • Uru Eke
  • Efeoma Ejornorbor
  • Nadia Buari
  • Yvonne Nelson
  • Ini Edo
  • Tontoh Dikeh

My Top Favourite Actors

  • Richard Mofe Damijo (aka. RMD)
  • Jim Iyke
  • Majid Michel
  • Olu Jacobs
  • Kofi Adjorlolo
  • Pete Eneh
  • Chiwetalu Agu
  • Desmond Elliot
  • Muna Obiekwe
  • Yemi Blaque
  • Yul Edochie
  • Kalu Ikeagwu

Up & Coming Actresses to Watch out for

  • Mercy Johnson (movie: Breath of Anger )
  • YVONNE OKORO - (movie: Beyonce: The Presidents Daughter) ***
  • Yvonne Nelson - (movie: Princess Tyra)
  • Ufeoma Ejornorbor (movie: "Saving Sarah")
  • Nadia Buari (movie: "Beyonce")
  • Uru Eke ( movie: "Widows of Men" - i love me some Uru, I just adore her so much)
  • Tontoh Dikeh ( movie: Native Son)
  • Uche Jumbo ( movie: ?)
  • Comfort Ugheoke (Faithful Betrayal) - played Genevieve Nnajis younger sister

Up & Coming Actors to Watch Out for

  • Majid Michel (movie: "Crime to Christ")
  • Yul Edochie (movie: "Wind of Glory")
  • Yemi Blaque (movie: "Letters to A Stranger")
  • VanVicker (movie: "Beyonce")

My Favourite Movie Producers/Directors

  • Tchidi Chikere (e.g movie: Blood Sisters)
  • Chinny Ahaneku (eg movie: Alice My First Lady)
  • Emem Isong (eg movie: Behind Closed Doors)
  • Lancelot Imasuen (e.g movie: Behind Closed Doors)

Whoever is not on this list is simply because though i may watch them in passing (and fast forward most scenes) i wouldnt consider them my favourite - nothing personal. You either got the IT factor on screen or you dont.

My favourite African movie themes are the village set movies. These are my favourite because i think its the realest, they are not pretences or no faking of accents like the usual ones. This is why Tchidi Chikere remains my number 1 favourite as a director.

In the next few weeks i will be posting reviews of some new movies as well some old movies. Truth be told as a movie addict who sometimes watch at least 20 movies per month (i slowed down a tad from my 10 movies per week when i first started), i must say 2008 has been a pretty slow year - many of the movies coming out are not that great - very mediocre - inexperience cast, poor scripts, continous deception by putting movie into several parts and renaming the 2nd or 3rd part into a completely different title to throw you of. As such, the producers/directors have started to recycle a lot of the old movies which are have way better scripts.

I will post a list of movies here which has different titles even though its the same movie most likely a continuation of the 1st - they are trying to deceive you, dont fall for it. In 2008 its about time they put movies in just one part like they did with "Letters to a Stranger", - just tell the story in one piece.)

The good thing is eventhough many of the old ones were vhs or vcd with very poor sound and picture quality, they are now able to reproduce it in high quality (a typical example is "Prophecy" starring Genevieve Nnaji, which happens to be one of my favourite).


Monday, November 3, 2008

Yankee Boys (Release Date: October 2008)

A kind hearted gold dealer (Emeka Ike) gets swindled by his closest friend (Jim Iyke)...Now the die is cast as he wants his money back. How far can kindness stay in the face if reveng.

Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah and Emeka Ike, Tontoh Dikeh, Juliet Ibrahim, Gentle Jack

It was a pure waste of my time - i cant even go into it. Bottom line - i did not like it, and glad i didnt buy it.

  • Emeka Ike and Juliet Ibrahim were getting on my nerves with their acting.
  • Juliet Ibrahim either you are going to act and act well and stop making all those bitchy faces and that thing she does with her lips and nose - its not cute on ya, lady!.
  • Emeka Ike, well what kind i say, same ole same ole.
  • The Mr White Guy was another utter bore - why he kept speaking in the Godfather type tone was utterly annoying. I was like shut up already - it doesnt suit you.
  • If you going to have a pool party at least have a couple of people swimming in the pool to make it believable
  • We all know the cars and homes (spectacular Lekki homes might i add) were borrrowed, but thats doesnt mean you should be driving on the highway at 7 miles per hour. Not believable.
  • How they police always turned up immediately after a tragedy was magic to me. I'm like ok then, so how did they get there so fast.


= 2/10
(its ya own judgement call: Buy, Borrow or Dont Bother) - Nollywood and Action movie just dont mix yet. But at least they are trying. Try Again Though!.

Letters to A Stranger (Release Date: Nov 2007)

(though this is an old movie from last year, it still remains one of my favourite and thus would like to post "my" reviews.)



Genevieve Nnaji, Yemi Blaq, Fred Amata, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Segun Arinze, Joke Silva and Eucharia Anoubi are in for less than 5mins and some new girl who is one of a character - her name is Elvina Ibru. It also Guest starring Dbanj - for a split second, if you bat an eye you might miss him.

When a man (Fred) decides to put his mother (Joke Silva) and job before his woman then he should be ready to loose her to teh next available bachelor. Jemima's (Genny) love life hasnt been on the smooth path as she expected. She made a call to her sister (Ibinabo) but she dialed the wrong number. Let see the out come of this call she made. You don't have to find a perfect person to experience a perfect love. Starring Genevieve Nnaji, this spell binding love story would make you wonder ...Is love relative.
One of the MOST "BEAUTIFUL" nollywood stories i have ever watched. Its not your typical nollywood movie, but very very nice. The kind you just cuddle on your sofa with some coffee or tea and just enjoy. Come and see Yemi and his sweet talk straight out of some mills and boons combined with some broken english - Chei - it was something else. You have no choice but to fall in love with his character.
The ending was a surprise to me yet very lovely and well ended. Fred did well on this story line. We need such difference in the industry - not like that stupidness fake accent, masquerade dressing,repititious script of a movie called "Most Wanted Batchelor".
Go grab ya copy of Letters to the Stranger. It will be Money well spent if you looking for something "different" from the usual boring ole same ole script. This one is not predictable.
Does anyone know if Yemi has any stage acting in his background cos sometimes i watch him and he reminds me of those broadway actors. Very smooth. If you never paid attention to him, you might like him in this movie. He nailed it.
As for this Elvina Ibru lady, she is something else , but she comes across as such fun. SHe was annoying at times but love her character none the less. She will definately be remembered. I guess we will see more of her, base on audience response of this her first movie.Ibinabo looks good - Very "Toned" ( i am only complimenting her tone body i aint saying nothing bout her acting - lets just leave it at that). What is it - the new nollywood trend?. New year resolution, get toned - I like it.
Watch this movie on a rainy night, with a cup of horlicks, a blanket. Yemi had me in shivers with those lines, I was damn brutha, i didnt know you had it like that, I melted hearing those words. Damn!!!!!!!!! Thats what we call "African lines from a man to a woman" - Yemi did well in this movie i aint gonna like, He nailed it ( i forgot about Genny's other great pair My Muna Obiekwe for a second - but i cant imagine how it will sound coming out of Muna's lips - different i guess, Yemi just nailed it, it felt like he is saying it to you ).
I was disappointed it ended like it did - i guess i predicted the ending and I FAILED miserably ,but that was exciting. I also wish they'd kiss, but yall know Genny, she is selective of whom she kisses. You might get a peck or a hug, but only one person gets the real one My Genny never fails me. I absolutely love all she came out witht this year (2007), But i have to say this movie has to be my number 2 or 3 movie of 2007.
Loved it. Fred Amata, u did great, and i know u might read this review. Good job. We hope to get more scripts like this in the future. Fred I guess You saved the best for Last.

We will publicise this movie for you all we can. No bootlegging - lets support this movie - its very good

Storyline Ratings: 8/10
Acting Ratings: 8/10

My Introduction: "My Love for My African Movies"

As a westafrican, i had always known there were african movies out there, but showed not interest since the few i had watched didnt really do it for me. It was either about witchcraft or some other boring theme. The ridiculous titles to the movies was a complete turn off, as well as the bad lighting and sound effect.

In the summer of 2003 i went to braid my hair at a lady's house and just before we started she asked me if i minded her putting in a movie whilst she braided. I said no, and so she put in a movie titled "Sharon Stone", i was like oh lawd here we go again with another ridiculous titled movie.

30 minutes into the movie, i notice the excellent performance of the lead actress - Genevieve Nnaji. Her performance in the movie sparked my interest so much, i was not paying attention to my braiding - the lady always had to remind to turn my head around so she can have flexibility to complete my braiding.

After that day i became a bonifed Nollywood Movie Addict and havent missed a beat since. I became so addicted i started watching at least 10 movies in a week, focusing more on movies starring this Genevieve Nnaji and later found new other favourites.

Her acting to me was so spectacular, she really pulled you one into her character so much you forget you are watching a movie. She takes you through so many stages of emotions in whatever character she plays. If she is sad you could feel her sadness, if she was happy you could feel her happiness and other times she will play a "bitch" role that makes you scream at her (just as she did with her role in Blood Sisters).

Not only did i become a huge fan of nollywood movies, i also became a huge critic, because i watched with such a keen eye. This blog is simply to review movies i have watched (old and new) - which may include some praises and some critiques.

My critiquing of nollywood movies as an african is not to downplay all their efforts but simply to be honest as movie watcher, of what i see, and what i'd like to see improved. Sometimes my critiques can be harsh, but its nothing personal against whomever i am criticising. I am so proud of how far we have come and where we are going.

What i would like everyone to bear in mind is though i may critique some of the movies from my point of view, like the saying goes, "its to each his own" - my motto is "No Bias!, No Bull! - I just simply tell it like it is - take it or leave it. I will also;
  • Rate these movies from my point of viw over 10 marks. If the movie has a rating of 8/10 thats a sure keeper. If it is below 5/10 - please dont BUY- just borrow it or dont even bother. I am going to help save a lot of people wasting money on buying crap movies. Dont always trust the african store owner who is telling you the movie is great, they just trying to sell.
  • I will list any upcoming movies which with the cast , producer and cast. It will be your judgement call to go purchase it, before hand or simply wait till i review it before you do so.
You dont have to agree with me on all my comments, this is just my opinion. You are welcome to comment "OBJECTIVELY" in response, but please lets respect each other and not be rude. Thank You.

I look forward to blogging.!!

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